About the Agency

It Began in 2016

Trevor Spagnoletti, after helping businesses for 3 years he founded Influenced Marketing. While providing freelance work hustling on the side with IT support for local Livingston County companies he was driven by something greater. While it was “paying the bills” Spagnoletti got tired of the daily “please fix my website! ok-thanks-bye” phone calls. Having designed and built websites as part of his IT services for four years, it was a natural “pivot” (+10 points for using start-up buzzword.)
With a background in technology, fine arts and social science Spagnoletti found himself in a unique position to offer inspiring, usable, accessible and emotionally engaging websites. This proved to be a valuable differentiation and business took off. Now here we are today.
Inspired by Zappos.com, Influenced Marketing operates under ten core values that direct, shape and drive everything we do.

Core Values

Positions Available

Website/Social Media Analytics

Someone able to report and read analytics from the web including Google Analytics, social media ad dashboards with metrics and more.

Client Manager

Someone able to communicate efficiently often with many different clients at once monitoring and making sure clients are satisfied.

Online Advertiser

Someone proficient in Google Ad-words, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads etc.


We back you 100% with whatever you are selling for us to clients. Great experience.

Graphic Designer

An expert in Photoshop, Illustrator and more programs to be able to alter images, create flyers, create logos, brochures etc.

Website Coder

Anyone with skills in HTML, PHP, Java Script and more.

Join the Culture of a Life Time

Team Activities

Our organization is close in a sense to actively go out and have team bonding activities with others in the company you normally wouldn't talk to or see at work.

Travel Time Sets the Mind

We encourage all of our employees to take vacations once a year or after healthy struggles that led to success. This creates clarity of the mind and encourages reflection of the project.


Work life balance is very important to the success of the culture because we strive for open communication among workers and similarities outside of work is key for this.

No Micromanagement/Flexibility

If you don't give your team and company trust how do you expect them to trust you? Assign tasks and let them research, have a healthy struggle and challenge themselves to figure it out.